The best hypnotic suggestions for losing weight

A weight-loss client reported that the hypnotic suggestions that worked best for her were:

  • Eat only while seated at a table
  • Substitute fresh fruit for fruit juices
  • When the meal is finished leave the kitchen/dining room/restaurant
  • Don’t eat food that doesn’t taste good

She said, “Of course, I knew all this. But somehow I couldn’t follow this advice until I had hypnosis. When you told it to me while I was in a trance it made perfect sense. It is easy for me to follow these guidelines. Sometimes I dash out of a restaurant right after coffee and if I’m on a date I have to explain that I’ll meet him outside.”  She went on to say, “I don’t care if some guys think I’m weird. For the first time since high school I totally control my food and I am almost down to my high school weight.”

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