How to have a comfortable surgery


Whether it’s heart bypass or a tummy tuck, a corneal transplant or a liver transplant, breast surgery or prostate surgery, it’s a big deal. All operations, no matter how small, are significant.

But now there is a proven way to go through this with ease. Hypnosis helps you heal your body and calm your mind.

As soon as you schedule your surgery I recommend you get hypnotized to be told that  the operation is a wonderful opportunity. And it is. People in third world countries wish for the opportunity to get rid of symptoms and harmful matters. And your surgery will do just that. Your surgery is an opportunity for your body to become as healthy as possible. My favorite hypnotic suggestion for clients anticipating surgery is: You will eagerly look forward to your operation. You will think of it as an interesting adventure. Hypnosis can eliminate anxiety and create a positive, hopeful attitude.

Hypnotic suggestions should include feelings of  calmness that will stay with you even in the operating room and the recovery room. Throughout your time in the hospital (or surgical center) you can feel comfortable and content if you are given the appropriate hypnotic suggestions.

In addition to chemicals, known as anesthesia, words, too, can be delivered to you in just the right dosage. Those words (hypnotic suggestions) can influence how your body will respond to medication and how your brain will process pain. It is possible for hypnosis to eradicate pain. It is possible for hypnosis to affect the course of your recovery.

Would you take a medication that promised to make your operation an enjoyable experience and your recovery as pain-free and rapid as possible? Of course you would. That medication is already available. It is hypnosis!


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