Hypnosis for Weight Loss

A weight-loss client reported that the hypnotic suggestions that worked best for her were:

• Eat only while seated at a table
• Substitute fresh fruit for fruit juices
• When the meal is finished leave the kitchen/dining room/restaurant
• Don’t eat food that doesn’t taste good

She said, “Of course, I knew all this. But somehow I couldn’t follow this advice until I had hypnosis. When you told it to me while I was in a trance it made perfect sense. It is easy for me to follow these guidelines. Sometimes I dash out of a restaurant right after coffee and if I’m on a date I have to explain that I’ll meet him outside.” She went on to say, “I don’t care if some guys think I’m weird. For the first time since high school I totally control my food and I am almost down to my high school weight.”

Lose Weight Without Surgery (LWWS)

Now, finally, you can lose weight without surgery.

On the LWWS program your weight loss is caused by verbal suggestions and not by an operation.

No surgery, no hospital, no anesthesia, and no pills, either.  No side effects, no recovery time, no  pain. No risks – no blood clots, no infections, no adverse reactions to anesthesia, no gallstones – a common problem after weight loss surgery – and no scar, and no risk of blood loss.

But, you will feel as if your stomach is extremely small and unable to accommodate more than a very small amount of food.

Gentle hypnotic suggestions will guide you to change your eating habits. You will easily accomplish this.

Until now, even though you tried to eat less and exercise more, your unconscious mind prevented you from sticking to your plan and achieving those goals. But now, because you’ll be  on the LWWS program, you will succeed.

You will succeed because the suggestions you receive mislead your unconscious mind into thinking you actually went through with weight loss surgery! Your conscious mind, of course, always knows the truth.

The LWWS Program

There are 4 sessions. Each session corresponds to a session you would be having if you were signed up for bariatric surgery – gastric bypass, Roux-en-Y, sleeve, or lap band. And your results will correspond to the results achieved by folks who’ve been through a serious operation.

Your sessions may be in Dr. Roberta’s New Jersey office, in Dr. Roberta’s Florida office, or you may choose to accomplish your sessions via telephone. You are invited to record all your sessions so that you can replay them if ever you need reinforcement.

Make a lasting change in your life

Become familiar with the most under-utilized technique for a good life – Clinical Hypnosis. A twenty minute session, in person or via your headphones, is all you need to reach your goal. You can lose weight and live healthier! Hypnosis works.

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