How Hypnosis Helps You Stop Smoking

Mark Twain had no patience for friends who made a big deal about stopping smoking. He claimed it was easy to quit. “I’ve done it a hundred of times,” he boasted.

Here’s how hypnosis helps you stop smoking:

  • Hypnosis helps you regulate your behavior.
  • Hypnosis helps you change your attitude.
  • Hypnosis works well if you have a strong mind.
  • Hypnosis changes the way you interpret experiences. (You can interpret smoking as a negative event.)
  • Hypnosis offers your mind new ideas that are easily and permanently absorbed.
  • Hypnosis gives you suggestions that guide your future behavior.
  • Hypnosis bypasses your regular intellectual censor and helps you agree to new routines.
  • Hypnosis uses only words – no pills, no patches, no medication.
  • Hypnosis has admirable side effects – you feel calm and comfortable, rested and relaxed.


Everyone is born with a talent to be hypnotized.

Everyone is born with a talent to be hypnotized. You might have a very strong talent, in which case you will listen to my Stop Smoking recording just once and stop smoking forever. If you were born with lesser talent you might need to listen several times; some people must listen many times. Fortunately, you now own the recording so you can listen as often as you need.

Try it today. You will stop smoking!