Jack: Finding success through hypnosis

Jack had an unusual problem. He came to my office because he was bored with success. He claimed that his job was easy, he made more money than he needed, his family loved him, he had many friends, but something was missing. He was hoping hypnosis could give him the courage to take on a challenge that would make him happy.

I explained that happiness comes when you reach a goal, particularly a goal that encourages you to stretch and then succeed. That means you set a goal for yourself that is neither too easy nor too difficult. You stretch by putting forth effort, and then stretch some more, and then you reach your goal.

Some examples: You might decide to play basketball better than ever or to teach your dog a new trick or to finally organize your photos. Maybe you’ll do some pushups or walk faster than usual. Maybe you’ll clean out that closet or answer your emails or paint your front door or call Aunt Mary.

Jack and I discussed that he would like to work with sick children but was concerned that he was not capable of it. We identified a hospital that had an extensive training program for volunteers and he hesitantly agreed to check it out. After several conversations with Jack I realized he needed some extra help.

The hypnotic suggestion that worked for Jack was:

You will set a goal for yourself and you will be sure it requires considerable effort yet still it will be a possible goal. You will investigate the feasibility of volunteering at a children’s hospital and eagerly enter their training program.

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