Non-Traditional Psychotherapy

Looking for non-traditional psychotherapy?

Look no further.

Please allow me to introduce you to my successful single-session therapy technique. Single-session psychotherapy has been proven to help many people. It is not a typical 45-minute session and it is not for everyone. But, it might be for you.

My alternative approach integrates counseling, tapping, guided writing, and hypnosis visualizations – and it’s all done within an hour or two.  After we talk for a while, either in my office or via telephone, we discuss your situation, and then I explain each possible method and we determine which one(s) will be most useful to you.

This innovative holistic approach results in inspired, self-directed emotional healing. A session lasts about one to two hours; occasionally a second session is indicated. When I follow up in three months, most clients report that they are firmly placed on a new, true path and they are soaring ahead.

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Please email me at and I’ll let you know if your circumstances are appropriate for this non-traditional psychotherapy.

Examples of single-session success:

Vera came to my office to talk about her troubled relationship with her adult daughter.  I gathered information by asking her many questions about their past and present situation. We then determined that since there is no way to change Amy’s actions the best approach is to change Vera’s reactions to those circumstances while they are occurring. And we did. We used tapping and hypnosis. Also, Vera was sent home with specific words to say to herself during difficult encounters. At a six-month email Vera reported that she felt calm whenever she was with Amy and they had a good enough relationship.

Scott arranged a phone session. His wife was worried that he was depressed and not his usual self. He admitted that he was mopey and upset most of the time. At first he didn’t know the cause but after we talked for a while he realized it was because of a business decision he made, over the objections of his staff. He admitted it was a poor decision. We figured out a way for him to talk to his workers, undo what could be undone, and reorganize some systems so he could live with the ramifications of his poor choice. Telling the truth to himself changed his mood. At six-month follow-up his wife had no complaints.

Haley had a phone session because of nervousness about school. We figured out that she overreacted with great anxiety prior to tests and also in one class she was troubled by the teacher. We used hypnosis for the test anxiety – it works well for that – and we composed a script for self-talk for the difficult teacher. About a month later Haley called to tell me that listening to the recording we made of her session helped her. She listened the night before every test and entered the classroom with calmness. The self-talk worked sometimes but not always, so we added a sentence or two to her script. So far, so good.

Joel’s wife left him. He was stunned to learn that she was apparently planning the break up for many months. He needed support and encouragement. Additionally,  I checked for symptoms of depression.  By recording our session he was able to replay my comforting words and advice whenever he felt overwhelmed by sadness, He also could replay the hypnosis session we had during which he received a full bereavement protocol to help him mourn the loss of his marriage. I did ask him to check in by phone weekly so I could monitor his mood.

Kathy had work-related issues and preferred not to examine them and not to figure out why her boss irritated her so much. It was not important to Kathy to know if he reminded her of her Dad or he favored other workers over her. Instead we did some tapping and Kathy was able to ignore her boss’s comments and concentrate on getting her work done without feeling disrespected.

Jules had a troublesome past and lots of psychotherapy. Instead of rehashing his life story Jules used my template to write his memoir. Writing it, over a two month period, he explored his issues from the perspective of a disinterested journalist. His symptoms receded.

Contact me for more information.
Please email me at and I’ll let you know if your circumstances are appropriate for this non-traditional psychotherapy.