Secrets about Cigarette Smoking

Have you tried to stop and you are still smoking?

Here’s a secret: Nationwide, the average person who stops has tried seven times before reaching success. Many of my stop-smoking clients have tried to stop for years; hypnosis is often the technique of last resort.

Is smoking just a bad habit?

Here’s a secret: For some clients smoking is simply a bad habit and not an addiction. Hypnosis can quickly eradicate a bad habit.

Are you self-medicating?

Here’s a secret:  A small percentage of the population has a body chemistry that utilizes nicotine as an anti-depressant. So, if you are taking an anti-depressant it’s a good idea to be on the alert for depression symptoms when you stop smoking.  It is unlikely, but if they do reappear, simply ask your doctor to raise your medication dosage.

Do you believe the smoking myth?

For some smokers, smoking masquerades as a stress reducer. But, when put to the test most results reveal a secret – the stress you feel is actually from smoking! The withdrawal that indicates you are ready for your next dose of nicotine is causing your stress.

So, yes, the cigarette reduces your anxiety, but it was the previous cigarette that caused that anxiety in the first place. Each cigarette sets you up for withdrawal. It’s a cycle that ends only when your brain stops absorbing nicotine. Fortunately, hypnosis helps you to stop craving cigarettes.

Do you need to fill a time-gap?

Here’s a secret: Smoking might be a transitional activity for you. Some of my clients use cigarettes as a bridge from one activity to another. They finish one project and then smoke before they begin the next. The cigarette signals a ending and then a beginning. Hypnosis can help you find transitional activities that don’t try to kill you.

Are you having a baby?

This is not a secret. You know that you are responsible for your baby’s good health.  Nothing more needs to be stated.

Do your clothes stink? Does your hair stink? Does your breath stink?

Here’s the secret: In just a few days all traces of tobacco vanish.

Are you hiding your cigarettes? Are you lying to your family?

The secret is that most of them already figured out that you do smoke. Deception doesn’t work. Everyone who loves you will rejoice when you can honestly say, “I don’t smoke.”

Please, don’t give up.

Hypnosis can help you stop smoking. And you can listen to your session as often as needed – several times each day if necessary. (But to tell you the truth, most people do stop smoking and rarely ever play their recording after the first day or two.)

Look around you and you will see plenty of ex-smokers. You can be next.