Susan: Seek out situations that make you smile

Susan was having trouble living alone. She was in a new city and her job was in a two-person office so she had little opportunity for socializing. Happiness levels increase when something or someone truly amuses you. I hoped she would find something that could make her smile and then laugh out loud, with gusto, several times during the day.

It could be a movie, a TV sitcom, a comedy show, a ridiculous memory, or perhaps a certain friend, a book, a YouTube video, a cartoon in a newspaper or magazine, a joke that’s circulating on email. I explained to Susan that it didn’t matter what got her to smile and laugh as long as something did.

The hypnotic suggestion that I offered her is:

You will seek out situations that make you smile and that make you laugh. Smiles and laughter will be part of your everyday life. You will get in the laughter habit.

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