Vic: Trying Something New

Vic complained that he was in a rut. I suggested he do something new, something he never before did. It could be something as simple as watching a television show he had never seen or as complicated as signing up for opera singing lessons or as spontaneous as taking a trip to Timbuktu. Maybe he would wear a style of clothing he’d never before worn or maybe eat certain food he’d never before tasted. The goal was for Vic to do something slightly out of his comfort zone. Maybe he would enter a store he’d never been in, invite someone to his home for the first time, investigate a particular website that requires some participation, or take a walk or a drive into a new neighborhood.

The hypnotic suggestion that I gave Vic was:

You will be brave, even if the idea of something new frightens you. You will carefully choose your activity and then go ahead and try it. You’ll do it with an open mind and it will be worth it.

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