You’d be surprised to know who uses hypnosis these days

Amongst my clients last week were:

  • a Lincoln Center performer who was aiming for peak performance
  • a corporate manager who was nervous about getting stage fright when delivering his first office-wide presentation
  • a middle-aged woman wanting help to stick to her exercise routine in preparation for her daughter’s wedding
  • a high school junior seeking increased concentration skills and motivation to study

One session is usually sufficient to accomplish these goals.

Because hypnosis is considered a legitimate, approved medical technique you are likely to find nurses, physicians, and psychologists who use hypnosis as part of their practice. I recently spoke to a psychiatrist who said that before prescribing an anti-anxiety medication for patients he first hypnotizes them and suggests ways to calm themselves. That hypnotic intervention often precludes the use of a pill.

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  1. Hypnosis is a dynamic, natural intervention. I’m a psychiatric nurse and cert. hypnotist who has used hypnosis with my clients. It is puzzling to me that with patient consent and my ability to hypnotize, there are facilities: home care companies that won’t allow this intervention. I love your book, “Idiot’s Guide to Hypnosis”
    Advice on building my business in western Pa?

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